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Navy STTR 24.A BAA Topics

Pre-released 11/29/23   |   Opened to receive proposals 1/03/24   |   Now Closes 2/07/24 2/21/24 12:00pm ET

Navy STTR Phase I Instructions & Topics
  • Navy_STTR_24A_v4.pdf   (1/3/24)
  • List of Navy 24.A STTR Modifications - as of 2/9/24
  • DoD Instructions & Submission
  • DoD 24.A STTR BAA Instructions Preface
  • DoD DSIP BAA Submission & Information Website

  • [24.A Topics] NAVAIR - Standard Topics:
    N241-T001   High-Bandwidth Multimode Fiber-Optic Cabling
    N241-T002 Q&A In-situ AM-2 Aluminum Mat Repair
    N241-T003   High-Frequency 40 GB/s MWIR and LWIR Metamaterials-based Electro-Optical Modulators for Free-Space Optical Communications
    N241-T004 Q&A Automated Performance Monitoring for Rotorcraft Turboshaft Engines Using a Multimodel Approach
    N241-T005 Q&A Real-time Computational Enhancement of Video Streams
    N241-T006   Manufacturing Method Development of Nanocomposite Steel Wire for Arresting Gear Purchase Cable
    [24.A Topics] NAVSEA - Standard Topics:
    N241-T007   Integrated Environmental Model System for Platform Situational Awareness
    N241-T008   Kilowatt Class Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Reduced Hollow-Core Fiber (HCF) Dip Loop Cable Assembly
    N241-T009   Smart Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Unit (SEWHRU)
    [24.A Topics] ONR - Standard Topics:
    N241-T010   Subminiature Digital Pitot-static Sensor (SDPSS)
    N241-T011 Q&A Corrosion Modeling Analytics and Machine Learning to Promote Corrosion-Informed Design to Reduce Ship Maintenance
    N241-T012   Scalable High Frequency Transmit/Receive Array for Multiple Unmanned Underwater Vehicle and Torpedo Applications
    N241-T013 Q&A Adaptive Instructor Aid for Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Enabled Classroom Training
    N241-T014 Q&A Technology to Drive Extreme Runtime in Wearable Devices
    N241-T015   Polarization-enhanced, Long-range, Wide-area, High-resolution Imaging System
    N241-T016 Q&A Plasma Assisted Combustion for Enhanced Performance and Operability in Naval Air Vehicles and Weapons
    N241-T017 Q&A Soft Robot for Locomotion in Granular Seabed Media
    N241-T018 Q&A Inert Impulsive Expendable Acoustic Source (IIEAS)
    N241-T019 Q&A Portable Analytics for Multi-Stage Cyber Attack Investigation
    N241-T020   Biological Noise Modeling for Active and Passive Sonar System Performance Predictions
    N241-T021 Q&A Synthetization of Refractory/Transition Metal Diboride & Carbide Precursors for Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI) of Ceramic Composites
    N241-T022   Remote Magnetometry with Resonantly Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization (REMPI) Readout
    N241-T023 Q&A Scalable Additive Friction Stir (AFS) for Multi-metal Deposition
    N241-T024 Q&A Additive Manufacturing of Ferroelectric and/or Ferromagnetic Composite

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