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Navy SBIR 23.2 BAA Topics

Pre-release 4/19/23   |   Opened to receive proposals 5/17/23   |   Closed 6/14/23 12:00pm ET

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Navy Phase I Instructions & Topics
  • Navy_SBIR_232_v7.pdf (PDF)   Updated 5/18/23
  • Navy Direct to Phase II Instructions & Topics
  • Navy_SBIR_DP2_232_v5.pdf (PDF)   Updated 5/18/23
  • List of Navy 23.2 SBIR Modifications - as of 5/17/23
  • DoD Instructions & Submission
  • DoD 23.2 SBIR BAA Instructions Preface (Amendment 2) (5/25/23) (PDF)
  • DoD DSIP BAA Submission & Information Website
  • DoD Topics & SITIS Q&A Website
  • All DoD BAA Instructions Website
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    [23.2 Topics] MCSC Standard Topics:
    N232-079 Q&A Rapidly Deployable Assault Gap Crossing Systems
    N232-080 Q&A Self-driving Convoy Operation
    N232-081   High Expandable Sticky and Incapacitating Foam
    N232-082 Q&A Non-Destructive Delamination and Crack Detection Solution for USMC Hard Armor Plates
    [23.2 Topics] NAVAIR Standard Topics:
    N232-083 Q&A Helicopter Seat-Integrated Power Assist Device
    N232-084   Modeling and Simulation of Supersonic Turbulent Combustors for Application in Hypersonic Weapon Systems
    N232-085 Q&A Autonomous Precision Landing onto Non-Cooperative Targets
    N232-086 Q&A Novel Multifunctional Materials and Lightweight Structures for Improved Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mission Capability
    N232-087   Novel Oil Quantity Sensor for Aerospace Applications
    N232-088   Multimode IR/RF Surrogate Seeker
    N232-089   Naval Aircrew Life Preserver Unit Automatic Inflation Device for Ejection Seat Equipped Aircraft
    N232-090 Q&A Advanced, RF Transceiver Architecture
    N232-091   Advanced Fluid Line Connectors/Fittings
    N232-092 Q&A Robust Maritime Target Recognition
    N232-093 Q&A Small-Scale Air-Launched Hypersonic Weapon System
    N232-094 Q&A Blockchain-based, Highly Secure, Decentralized, and Immutable (DSI) Network System Protocol for Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL)
    N232-095 Q&A Data Uplink Information Transfer Improvements
    N232-096 Q&A Automated Fiber Optic Connector Inspection, Diagnostics, and Cleaning Tool
    N232-097 Q&A Enabling Digital Metrology and Manufacturing Through the Model-Based Enterprise
    N232-098   Photodetector and Optical Subassembly for Digital Fiber Optic Receiver
    N232-099   Utilizing Mesh-Networking for Greater Maritime Situational Awareness from Vertical Lift Aircraft
    [23.2 Topics] NAVSEA Standard Topics:
    N232-100   Predictive Asset Rerouting and Inventory Availability for Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Platforms
    N232-101 Q&A Expedited Commercial Imagery Delivery through Reduced Ground Processing Time
    [23.2 Topics] ONR Standard Topics:
    N232-102 Q&A High-Performance, No-Helium Cold Spray for Structural Repair Applications
    N232-103 Q&A Machine Readable Contextual Understanding and Drilldown
    N232-104 Q&A Mid-Wave Infrared Detectors with Tunable Narrow-Band Spectral Response
    N232-105 Topic Cancelled: Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) Micro-Displays for Deep Learning Acceleration
    N232-106 Q&A Machine Learning Database to Guide Development of Low Flammability Polymer Matrix Composites
    N232-107 Q&A Shipboard Carbon Capture and Storage
    N232-108 Q&A Low-Cost Electronic Warfare Training Hardware
    N232-109 Q&A Data Exfiltration and Communication Architecture for Cooperative, Autonomous, Underwater, Long-endurance Sensors
    N232-110   Multidirectional, Multifrequency Ship-based Meteorological Satellite Receiver Using a Virtual Gimbal
    N232-111   Indirect Fire Navigation without GPS or Civilian Infrastructure
    [23.2 Topics] SSP Standard Topics:
    N232-112   Electromagnetic Manipulation of Plasma on Hypersonic Reentry Bodies
    N232-113 Q&A On-Chip Optical Isolation for Integrated Photonics
    N232-114 Q&A Miniaturized, High-accuracy, Radiation-hardened Rotary Angle Sensors
    N232-115   Radiation Tolerant Fiber Optic Communication
    N232-116 Q&A Direct Etched Silicon Wafer Bonding for Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS).

    [23.2 Topics] NAVAIR Direct to Phase II Topics:
    N232-D07   DIRECT TO PHASE II - Augmented Reality for Live Flight Training
    [23.2 Topics] NAVSEA Direct to Phase II Topics:
    N232-D08   DIRECT TO PHASE II - Direct Delivery of Commercial Earth Observation Data to DoD Using Proliferated Low Earth Orbit Transport Layer
    N232-D09 Q&A DIRECT TO PHASE II - Observation Cone Enhancements for Low-earth Orbit Satellites
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