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Navy SBIR/STTR Success & Spotlight Stories

Below is a sampling of Navy SBIR/STTR success stories. Some of these highlight Phase III Success while others Spotlight * an outstanding Transition / Commercialization success utilizing the Navy's popular SBIR/STTR Transitions Program (STP).
To date, the Navy has funded over $11 billion to commercialize SBIR/STTR technologies.
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Phase III ValueYear
Advanced Acoustic Concepts LLCNYN03-074Development of a Supportability Performance Assessment System for Training SystemNAVSEA$645,537$52,850,6192024
American Systems CorpVAN00-123Ship Mission Readiness Measurement SystemNAVSEA$669,986$14,487,7002024
Aptima, Inc.MAOSD10-HS5Training Support Services for the U.S. NavyNAVSEA$747,283$8,191,6952024
Carley Technologies, Inc.PAN192-129Detecting Adversarial BENDs in the Information EnvironmentONR$1,239,911$1,348,6342024
Craft Engineering Associates, Inc.VAN05-157Dynamic Positioning and Motion Control during Cargo Transfer OperationsONR$784,466$2,087,7972024
* Dynamic Dimension TechnologiesCT DDT’s simulation technology to support Marine Corps ACV driver training systemSTP Spotlight2024
Frontier Technology Inc.OHN07-010
Advanced Prognostic and Health Management (PHM)NAVAIR$1,730,677$42,837,0002024
Jardon & Howard Technologies Inc.FLN121-061Physics Based Multi-Touch Movement Interface Creation for 3D ModelingNAVSEA$899,618$20,700,0002024
* Monterey Technologies, Inc.
Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.
UT ViPER mission planning tool streamlines complex Navy planning tasks across air and sea domainsSTP Spotlight2024
Progeny Systems CorporationVAN02-024
Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Replacement of Versa Module Europe (VME) TechnologyNAVSEA$137,372$41,500,0002024
* SecmationNC Secmation‘s AutonomyLock Automates Cybersecurity Compliance for UxS DevelopmentSTP Spotlight2024
Ultra Communications, Inc.CAN05-T005Ruggedized Multifunction Fiber-Optic Transceiver Optical SubassemblyNAVAIR$1,099,81$1,999,2632024
Valkyrie Enterprises, LLCVADHA17B-001Operationally Directed Instructional Network-Engineering Library (ODIN-EL)NAVSEA$1,085,766$20,850,2222024
VRC Metal Systems, LLCSDN151-052Cold Spray Repair Process Development and Implementation on Navy ComponentsNAVSEA$2,700,000$5,500,0002024
3 Phoenix, Inc. (now Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems)MAN04-138AN/BPS-17 radar software management systemONR$3,482,475$20,785,0642023
Aculight CorporationWAN02-139High Energy Solid State Laser (SSL) for Ship Self-DefenseONR$849,960$211,702,2432023
Advanced Acoustic Concepts LLCVAN98-106
Mission Package Computers, Software and TrainerONR$1,815,889$81,322,4502023
Advanced Scientific Concepts, LLCCAN143-129Target-less Relative Reference Sensor System (R2S2)SSP$1,687,396$3,256,2662023
Beam-Wave Research, Inc.MDN121-046Spatially Distributed Electron Beam Technology for Millimeter-Wave AmplifiersNAVSEA$879,946$949,4982023
* Big Metal AdditiveCO Transforming Additive Manufacturing for DefenseSTP Spotlight2023
ES3 (Engineering & Software System Solutions, Inc.)CAAF071-320Development of Cadmium Plating Replacement with Zinc Nickel on High Strength Steel ComponentsNAVAIR$3,516,139$7,978,5122023
Frontier Technology Inc.OHN05-039Technology for Shipbuilding AffordabilityNAVSEA$999,791$26,587,9022023
Frontier Technology, Inc.OHN05-039Technology for Shipbuilding AffordabilityNAVSEA$999,792$17,595,8712023
Fuse Integration Inc.CAN121-106Technologies/Methods for enabling Transactional InterfacesONR$1,099,441$25,330,0052023
* G2 OpsVA Evaluating Cyber Risk: G2 Ops' Tools and Methodologies Enhance Navy CapabilitiesSTP Spotlight2023
* Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co.IL Hy-Tek Manufacturing Leverages SBIR to Evolve its Game-Changing Hardware Line of Products for the U.S. Navy and OthersSTP Spotlight2023
IMSAR LLC.UTAF112-144Advanced Radar Concepts For Small (Tier I/II) Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)ONR$1,344,034$51,294,9932023
Innovative Defense Technologies LLCVAN07-034Military Training Systems Acceptance Test & EvaluationNAVAIR$1,448,891$21,837,367.682023
Kinetic ProtectionMNN122-132Advanced Ballistic Shielding for Crew Served Weapons StationsNAVSEA$1,553,504$17,810,3032023
L3 Adaptive Methods Inc.FLN06-109Data Fusion HandoffONR$1,115,575$18,385,2982023
* La Jolla Logic, Inc.CA Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Identify Network ThreatsSTP Spotlight2023
Logos Technologies LLCVA SB072-019Wide Area Video Image Storage TechniquesNAVAIR$1,065,073$61,700,0002023
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.HI N18A-T017Temperature Sensing Submarine ISR Buoy/Surface Ship Sensor Tow CableONR$2,200,000$4,300,0002023
* Metis Design CorporationMA WISP Technology Named Finalist in DoD Maintenance Innovation ChallengeSTP Spotlight2023
MI Technical Solutions, Inc.VA N121-092Social Network Data Convergence into Reliable Information for Emergencies (SCORE)ONR$79,877$250,000,0002023
MIKEL Inc.RIN02-025Non-Collinear Wave-front Curvature Range MeasurementONR$825,511$69,458,5802023
Mikros Systems CorporationVAN02-039ADEPT Distance Support Sensor Suite (ADSSS) for MK-99 FCSONR$1,593,296$36,900,0002023
Platform AerospaceMDAF171-124Ultra-Endurance UAVONR$4,236,548$5,366,3652023
Progeny Systems CorporationVAN96-278Technology Infusion Methodology for COTS-based SystemsONR$674,742$189,550,4622023
Progeny Systems CorporationVAN99-100Cost Effective Methods for Integration of Complex SystemsNAVSEA$819,901$10,036,2812023
Progeny Systems CorporationVAN121-103Tasking, Records and Consolidated Knowledge Enterprise RepositoryONR$1,557,370$45,450,0002023
Progeny Systems CorporationVAN00-049Innovative Signal Processing Concepts for Active EmissionsNAVSEA$812,331$68,206,0122023
RDA, an SDi CompanyVAN04-247
Low-Cost Advanced Processor (LCAP)NAVAIR$3,554,445$19,983,3782023
Rock West CompositesCA N101-034Affordable Broadband High Speed RadomesNAVAIR$2,380,440$6,687,2782023
SAFE, Inc.AZN101-026Multi-Axis Vibration Reduction and Increased ComfortNAVAIR$2,458,497$2,980,0002023
* Sarcos Technology and Robotics CorpCO Sarcos Guardian® Robotic Systems Prove Revolutionary in Shipyard OperationsSTP Spotlight2023
Signal Systems CorporationMDN093-168
Target Localization with Drifting SonobuoysNAVAIR$899,895$13,328,5972023
* TDA Research, Inc.CO How TDA Research Leverages SBIR to Create a Safer Work Environment for the FleetSTP Spotlight2023
* Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc.TX Helping the Navy Achieve Longevity for Subs through a Novel Coating ProcessSTP Spotlight2023
3 Phoenix (now Ultra)VAN121-076Adding Communications Mode Capability in the Periscope Detection Radar (PDR)NAVSEA$899,964$63,834,7402022
* Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT)PA ACT Transitions Cooling Technology during SBIR Phase IISTP Spotlight2022
* ASSETTVA ASSETT: A Modern Success Story, Built on SBIRSTP Spotlight2022
* Barron Associates Inc.VA Turbulence Recognition Helps UAV PilotsSTP Spotlight2022
Bascom Hunter Technologies, Inc.LAN112-170Wideband Radio Local Interference Optimization TechniquesNAVWAR$1,851,196$3,854,0712022
* Beacon Interactive SystemsMA Digitally Transforming Shipboard Operations for the NavySTP Spotlight2022
* Continuous SolutionsOR Advances Navy Technology with BIRD Foundation AwardSTP Spotlight2022
* FIRST RFCO 20 Years of Providing Military Solutions through SBIRSTP Spotlight2022
Frontier Technology Inc.OHN07-010Operational Energy Monitoring and Management to Improve Mission ReadinessNAVSEA$1,249,998$17,387,2392022
* Fuse IntegrationCA Helping the Navy Achieve Real-Time Fleet Readiness Through Real-World ExperienceSTP Spotlight2022
Innovative Defense TechnologiesPAN05-163Innovative Application of Commercial Automated Testing Tools for Rapid Insertion or Adaption of Combat System CapabilitiesONR$3,182,776$14,071,7542022
Innovative Defense Technologies LLCVAN161-043Automated Verification and Validation for Distributed TestingONR$1,613,517$13,001,9642022
* Knexus Research CorpMD Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Mine Countermeasures Planning and ReplanningSTP Spotlight2022
* Learn to WinCA Learn to Win Expands its Technology and Customer Base through SBIRSTP Spotlight2022
* LynntechTX Lynntech/ODS Team Delivers Flight Breathing Awareness Trainers to the NavySTP Spotlight2022
Materials Sciences LLCPAN05-054Development of a Structural Damage Assessment SystemNAVSEA$849,857$12,628,2592022
* MiraCA Mira’s SBIR Journey Bridges Air Force & Navy Innovation EcosystemsSTP Spotlight2022
Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.HIN103-205Innovative Imagery Processing ArchitectureNAVAIR$1,338,667$33,435,9212022
* Premier Solutions HI, LLCHI Premier Solutions HI Builds Tools to Streamline Navy LogisticSTP Spotlight2022
RE2, LLC a subsidiary of Sarcos Technology and Robotics CorporationPAN06-162Dexterous Manipulation System for Small RobotsONR$1,500,000$6,400,0002022
* Rock West CompositesCA Rock West Builds Ceramic Nose Radomes for the Navy SSSTSTP Spotlight2022
SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc.MIN101-014High Gain Array of Velocity SensorsNAVAIR$2,296,377$9,706,0132022
Sedna Digital SolutionsVAN05-059High Fidelity Front End Simulation for Complex Physics-Based Processing SystemsNAVSEA$2,848,114$30,714,4382022
* Service Robotics & Technologies, Inc. (SRT Labs)VA SRT Labs Designs Facility Health Monitoring, Energy Saving Software for Buildings and InfrastructureSTP Spotlight2022
SimVentions Inc.VAN05-053
Informedb Enterprise Technology, helping the Digital Engineering transformation of the NavyNAVSEA$5,698,887$11,488,3492022
* Sphere Brake Defense, LLCPA Sphere Brakes Successfully Tested on MTV and Stryker at Aberdeen Proving GroundSTP Spotlight2022
* Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.CA Stottler Henke Helps Train Navy on Land and at SeaSTP Spotlight2022
* Vision ProductsCA From SBIR to $275M Acquisition Deal: SA Photonics Achieves Exemplary SuccessSTP Spotlight2022
3 Phoenix, Inc. (Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems)VAN04-138Real-time Data Fusion and Visualization Interface for Environmental Research DataNAVSEA$3,582,336$146,189,9932021
3E Technologies International, Inc. (Ultra Electronics)MDN02-042Low-Cost Wireless Shipboard Local Area NetworkNAVSEA$810,400$48,557,4382021
Areté AssociatesFLN96-150Electro-Optical (EO) Wave Imaging SystemNAVSEA$3,723,861$168,683,0352021
* ATA EngineeringCA Modernizing Navy High-Speed Flight SystemsSTP Spotlight2021
ATA Engineering, Inc.CAN141-082Non-Linear Behavior Models for Design of Carbon-Carbon Composite ComponentsSSP$1,149,284$2,998,2112021
Azure Summit Technology, Inc.VAN141-065Large Time Band Width Product Signal Acquisition ProcessorsONR$889,813$48,971,4072021
* BH Techology LLCNY Small Sensor has Big ImpactSTP Spotlight2021
* Charles River AnalyticsMA Moving Leading Edge Tech from Military to MainstreamSTP Spotlight2021
* Corrdesa LLCGA Corrdesa Repair Technology Deployed with F-35sSTP Spotlight2021
* Creare, Inc.NH From Spin-offs to Phase IIIs: Creare is the Quintessential Navy SBIR Success StorySTP Spotlight2021
* Daniel H. Wagner AssociatesPA Daniel H. Wagner Associates: Over 40 Years of SBIR SuccessSTP Spotlight2021
* Dynamic Dimension Technologies LLCMD From Surf to Autonomous corridor, DDT’s Virtual Twins Allow Smart Simulation, IntegrationSTP Spotlight2021
* Engi-MatKY Composite Powders Enhance Cathode Performance for Essential DevicesSTP Spotlight2021
* HydronalixAZ Hydronalix Technology Tested in the Baltic SeaSTP Spotlight2021
* Intelligent AutomationMD SBIR Company, Intelligent Automation, Acquired by BlueHaloSTP Spotlight2021
L3Harris - Adaptive MethodsFLN03-146Surface Ship Undersea Warfare (USW) Sonar Data FusionNAVSEA$3,732,342$110,702,0162021
* Makai Ocean EngineeringHI Leveraging the Power of the Ocean and SBIR to Achieve Phase III SuccessSTP Spotlight2021
Marine Acoustics, Inc.RIN151-055Multi-ship Sonar Bistatic Automatic Active LocalizationNAVSEA$1,635,452$2,971,6862021
* NAVSEADC NAVSEA Receives DoD SBIR Vanguard AwardSTP Spotlight2021
* Optimax Systems, Inc.NY Optimax Lenses Help Mars Rover Look for Signs of LifeSTP Spotlight2021
* Orbit Logic IncorporatedMD Orbit Logic’s APS Enables Autonomous Operations on Earth and in SpaceSTP Spotlight2021
* Pacific Engineering, Inc.NE From Torpedoes to Health Care Workers: PEI Protects What’s ImportantSTP Spotlight2021
* Physical Optics Corporation | A Mercury CompanyCA Mercury, Physical Optics are a Natural Fit: We’re Better TogetherSTP Spotlight2021
* Roccor, LLCCO Roccor Acquisition Highlights Abundance of Opportunities Through SBIRSTP Spotlight2021
* Skayl LLCMD Navy’s SBIR Investment in SoS Integration Expands to Benefit the Army, Air Force, NATO and Commercial SectorSTP Spotlight2021
* Spatial Integrated SystemsVA HII Acquires Navy STP Participant SIS’s Autonomy BusinessSTP Spotlight2021
* TDA Research, Inc.CO TDA Research Leverages SBIR Funding to Solve Suppressor Need for MarinesSTP Spotlight2021
* Virtuvia, LLC (dba CoachMePlus)NY CoachMePlus: Helping the Navy Optimize, Prioritize Sailors’ Health & WellnessSTP Spotlight2021
* VivonicsMA Vivonics’ Technology Can Improve Recovery After Traumatic Brain InjurySTP Spotlight2021
W5 Technologies, Inc.AZN122-148Deployable Multi-Band Radio Base StationNAVWAR$2,094,769$3,232,2942021
3 Phoenix, Inc. (Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems)MAN07-070Distributed Sensor System InnovationsONR$2,537,146$130,584,5412020
* Advanced Ceramics Research (ACR)AZ EMILY leads the way for getting relief supplies to storm-damaged BahamasSTP Spotlight2020
Areté AssociatesFLN06-013COBRA Automatic Obstacle Detection (AOD)NAVSEA$1,899,253$51,273,1552020
Aurora Flight Sciences CorporationVAN10A-T039Integration of PALACE and Touchdown Planning Methods for Landing CUAS at Unprepared SitesONR$99,884$485,044,4622020
* Charles River AnalyticsMA Charles River Analytics Awarded Epic MegaGrant to bring Virtual and Augmented Reality Development Platform to Unreal EngineSTP Spotlight2020
Creare LLCNHN06-T023A Compact Swaging Machine for Aircraft Carrier Purchase Cable A Compact Swaging Machine for Aircraft Carrier Purchase Cable TerminalsNAVAIR$1,523,497$10,322,4692020
Innovative Defense TechnologiesVAN05-163Tools for Rapid Insertion or Adaptation of Combat System CapabilitiesNAVSEA$1,272,125$89,455,2932020
L3Harris - Chesapeake Sciences CorporationMDN05-125Compact Towed Array (CTA)NAVSEA$1,224,179$199,388,8982020
Progeny Systems CorporationVAN151-036Next Generation Electronic Warfare Human Machine Interface (HMI) for SubmarinesNAVSEA$1,278,015$22,726,5442020
Propel LLCRIN122-134Seam Engineering: Stitchless Seam Technology and human centered design processNAVSEA$648,870$495,6972020
* Propel LLCRI Propel’s Smart Integrated Shirt Receives IFF Innovation AwardSTP Spotlight2020
* Response Technologies LLCRI Navy STP Participant Response Technologies Acquired by BellSTP Spotlight2020
Sedna Digital Solutions, LLCVAN05-059High Fidelity Front End Simulation for Complex Physics-Based Processing SystemsNAVSEA$2,946,125$83,123,1972020
Seemann Composites (Materials Sciences Corporation)PAN112-142Advanced Structural Development for Naval Hovercraft RampsNAVSEA$1,649,934$31,356,1852020
Beacon Interactive SystemsMAN05-160eTagOut: Enhancing Shipboard Safety for Maintenance Activities through Advanced Software TechnologyNAVSEA$2,921,175$930,0002019
ES3 - Engineering & Software System Solutions, Inc.GAAF131-190Cold Spray TechnologyNAVAIR$2,769,931$02019
Etegent Technologies, Ltd.OHN07-116Nlign Damage Mapping SystemNAVAIR$3,256,644$39,9882019
Innovative Technology, Inc.CAN07-122Kinetic Metallization (KM)NAVAIR$3,381,831$525,0002019
Lynntech Inc.TXN132-093On-Demand Hypoxia TrainerNAVAIR$4,335,304$1,858,4342019
Metamagnetics Inc.MAN111-080Frequency Selective LimitersONR$2,095,483$9,000,0002019
Progeny Systems CorporationMDN121-045Maritime, Airborne, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) IntegrationNAVAIR$79,514$46,344,3722019
Soar Technology Inc.FLN161-007SkyFall: Immersive Parachute Descent Procedure, Malfunction, & Decision-Making Training SystemNAVAIR$900,620$575,0002019
Stottler Henke Assoc., Inc.CAN96-232The Operator Machine Interface Assistant (OMIA)NAVAIR$1,074,998$20,205,6032019
Structural Composites, Inc.FLN091-049Composite Hull for 7-meter Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RIB) Combatant CraftNAVSEA$1,099,330|$10,403,1162019
Toyon Research Corp.CAN111-016Simulation of the Locations and Attack of Mobile Enemy Missiles (SLAMEM)NAVAIR$2,749,527$5,270,2542019
Bihrle Applied ResearchVAN08-005Math Model Upgrade Solution for Flight SimulatorsNAVAIR$2,162,593$315,7802018
C3I, Inc.NHN04-081Aviation Lighting System Control Panel Set (ALS-CPS) and the Advanced Communication and Control System (ACCS®)NAVAIR$2,400,000$23,000,0002018
Dragonfly Pictures, Inc. (DPI UAV Systems)PAN131-039Unmanned Multi-Rotor Aerial Relay (UMAR)NAVSEA$2,650,000$4,230,0002018
Mercury Defense Systems Fka KOR Electronics Defense & Intelligence ElectronicsCAN06-036Advance Techniques for Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM)NAVAIR$2,399,715$78,726,1952018
METSS CorporationOHN04-160Synthetic Lubricating & Hydraulic OilNAVSEA$1,830,205Est. DON Savings $100M2018
Technical Data Analysis, Inc.VAN08-006Aircraft Component Tracking System (ACTS)NAVAIR$2,728,110$8,342,6662018
Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc.MIN092-097Large-Standoff, Large-Area Thermography (LASLAT) for Rotor Blade Inspections (LASLAT) for Rotor Blade InspectionsNAVAIR$2,674,267$810,9452018
HydronalixAZN102-182Maritime Critical Infrastructure Protection and Security Unmanned Surface VesselNAVAIR$1,245,896$5,100,0002017
InfraScan Inc.PAOSD
Infrascanner Portable Medical Diagnostic DeviceMCSC$843,113$7,000,0002017
Midé Technology CorporationMAN04-073HydroActive Shaft Sealing TechnologyNAVSEA$2,683,029$41,739,7782017
Mikros Systems, Inc.PAN02-039Adaptive Diagnostic Electronic Portable Testset (ADEPT)NAVSEA$2,091,331>$100M2017
Progeny Systems CorporationVAN96-278MK 54 MOD 1 Lightweight Torpedo (LWT)NAVSEA$744,737$396,780,5342017
TICOM Geomatics/CACITXN07-187SHIFTER Processor for Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Location and MappingNAVWAR$1,100,000$2,800,0002017
Adaptive Methods Inc.VAN08-057Full-Spectrum USW/SUW Data FusionNAVSEA$147,600$312,5002016
Kent Optronics Inc.NYN08-161Wide Field-of-View Foveal-Night Vision Goggle RetrofitNAVSEA$849,972$2,029,3562016
Midé Technology CorporationMAN01-023Wireless Vibration Recorder (WVR)NAVAIR$749,057$800,000+2016
KCF Technologies, Inc.PAN093-190Opportunistic Energy Harvesting for Submarine Wireless SensorsNAVSEA$545,321$20,000,0002015
Lynntech Inc.TXN092-132Advanced Hybrid Energy System for Wet and Dry SubmersiblesNAVSEA$1,795,321>$20,000,0002015
Optical Physics CompanyCAN08-073Optical Celestial Navigation System for High Speed, High Altitude OperationONR$1,031,620$3,000,0002014
Out of the Fog Research LLCCAN07-149Extended Frequency Range Wide Band RF Distribution System for Shipboard SystemsNAVWAR$1,700,000$10,300,0002014
Princeton Power Systems, Inc.NJN07-130Reduced Power Electronics Subassembly Size, Weight, and Footprint Using Silicon Carbide and AC-link TechnologyNAVSEA$1,277,515$25,000,0002014
Techno-Sciences, Inc.MDSOCOM
Integrated Maritime Surveillance SystemNAVWAR$1,349,658$71,045,6562014
Trex Enterprises CorporationCAN02-104Daytime Electronic Stellar ImagingNAVWAR$3,318,965$16,276,1422014
Vehicle Control Technologies, Inc.VAN06-186Compact, Lightweight Sensor Handling System for Unmanned VehiclesNAVSEA$864,896$9,100,0002014
3 Phoenix Inc.VAN04-138iPON Based Real Time Synchronization and Fusion TechnologyONR$3,582,336$97,518,3682013
Aptima, Inc.MAN07-089CoVE - Collaborative Visualization EnvironmentONR$836,382$2,261,9222013
Areté AssociatesFLN96-150Development of an EO Wave Imaging System on the Pelican AircraftONR$3,723,861$34,788,6822013
Basic Commerce and Industries Inc.NJN06-072Modular Software Architecture for Advanced Weather RadarsONR$571,723$6,645,8512013
C3I, Inc.NHN04-081Advanced Lighting System (ALS®)/Advanced Communication and Control System (ACCS®)NAVSEA$797,931$8,115,0002013
Creare Inc.NHN06-T023A Compact Swaging Machine for Aircraft Carrier Purchase Cable TerminalsNAVAIR$1,523,497$3,208,9592013
Cybernet Systems CorporationMIN01-093Advanced Personal Communicator (APC) and the Shipboard Wireless Maintenance Assistant (SWMA)NAVSEA$696,923$6,749,4142013
Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc.PAN05-046Multi-Sensor Data Fusion System (MSDFS)NAVSEA$1,852,092$3,767,5272013
Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc.PAN08-057Network Centric Data Fusion (NCDF)NAVSEA$1,599,403$3,333,6432013
Impact TechnologiesPAN03-105Machinery Health Monitoring for Shipyard ProductivityONR$829,918$2,877,8992013
Innovative Defense TechnologiesVAN05-163Tools for Rapid Insertion or Adaptation of Combat System CapabilitiesONR$2,338,947$26,795,7652013
KCF Technologies, Inc.PAN07-076Ultra-Compact Power Harvesting for Self-Powered Aircraft SensorsONR$815,641$3,350,0002013
L3Harris - Chesapeake Sciences CorporationMDN05-125Compact Towed ArrayNAVSEA$1,224,178$10,137,5012013
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.HIN99-171Near Real-Time Installation Modeling of Cables and Sensor Arrays Deployed from a Towed BodyNAVWAR$850,000$15,150,0002013
Metron, Inc.VAN89-017Development of a Multiple Warfare Architectural Assessment ModelNAVWAR$573,800$78,576,5002013
Midé Technology CorporationMAN04-073HydroActive Bulkhead Shaft SealNAVSEA$2,683,029$11,406,8572013
MIKEL, Inc.MAN05-149Combat Systems of the FutureNAVSEA$1,098,001$3,122,3342013
MikrosPAN02-039Multiple Function Distributed Test and Analysis Tool (MFDAT)NAVSEA$1,100,636$9,016,1852013
Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.NJN00-116Efficiency Improvements in Modular Ocean Wave Powered GeneratorsONR$1,054,730$54,941,2302013
Pathfinder SystemsCON03-190Marine Common Aircrew Trainer PrototypeNAVAIR$3,347,441$23,797,9802013
Plasan US (formerly KaZaK Composites)MAN04-213Hybrid Stanchions and Stanchion Accessories for CLF ShipsNAVSEA$850,000$53,446,7172013
Promia, Inc.CAN99-167Intelligent Agent Security Module (IASM)NAVWAR$2,900,000$34,950,3902013
Real-Time InnovationsCAN05-139Data Distribution Service (DDS) Performance, Portability, and SecurityNAVAIR$898,506$19,401,0352013
Scientific Solutions, Inc.NHN02-207/1Swimmer Detection Sonar Network: Transportable System and Cost-Saving EnhancementsONR$3,826,903$11,127,4992013
Sierra Lobo, Inc.OHN01-T005Cryo-Force Power-Cell™ (Cryogenic Power System for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles)ONR$513,306$5,097,0002013
Syntonics LLCMDN07-149RF-over-Fiber Links for the Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW)NAVWAR$1,309,826$23,979,7642013
Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc.MIN06-T011Comprehensive Inspection of Turbine Hot Section Blades and Vanes Using Active ThermographyNAVAIR$474,977$3,600,0002013
Trident SystemsVAN01-136Digital Cellular-Phone Transceiver-based Foliage Penetration Interferometric SAR for EO/IR Sensor Fusion ATRONR$834,318$18,503,0102013
Aerodyne Research, Inc.MAN03-227Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) for Sampling of Aerosol Particles in Real-timeONR$849,000$7,500,0002011
Diversified Technologies, Inc.MAN98-003Advanced Solid State High Repetition Rate ModulatorONR$1,200,000$42,000,0002011
Triton Systems, Inc.MAN02-207/2Fire Retardant Blast Mitigation for Sea VesselsONR$524,000$21,000,0002011

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